Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Sleek Contour Kit review

I've always wanted to try contouring but all the kits I've come across have been a bit on the pricey side until I heard about Sleek's Face Form contour kit (which I purchased in the shade Light 373).

At first I was fairly apprehensive after seeing how dark the contouring powder was but once I blended it in, it instantly made my face look a lot slimmer.

The only major issue I had with this palette was the highlighter. As my skin is very pale, it didn't show up as well as it would on slightly more tanned skintones so I had to apply it on quite thickly. 

On the brighter side, the blush included was much more appropriate for my skin and it added a lot more colour to my face, instead of looking dead all the time! Also, blusher is something I always forget to purchase so when I run out now I have no excuse.

Overall, I highly recommend this to any contouring virgins like myself as it is easy to use and at £9.99, it doesn't create too much of a dent in my student account.

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